Jessica Spiegel

Jessica Spiegel

I'm a writer & a tourist.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, & editor who specializes in travel (especially Italy), makes logistical details easy to understand & fun to read, & produces clean work in a timely manner.

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Viator Travel Blog

Discovering the Unexpected Art of Detroit | Viator Travel Blog

Detroit has a long history of remarkable art (see the first couple of entries on this list below, which date back to the early part of the 20th century), but the city’s more recent troubled times have given rise to an entrepreneurial artistic spirit in evidence everywhere you look around the city today.

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Viator Travel Blog

The Most Beautiful Place You've Never Heard of to Watch Sunsets ...

“Where are you going after your visit to Detroit?” My table-mate was a young Michigan native working for the city’s tourism office, and when I replied, “Ludington,” her face positively lit up. Then she grabbed her phone and started swiping through photo after photo of glowing pink, yellow and orange clouds over water.

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Viator Travel Blog

6 Reasons You Need to Go to Detroit This Year | Viator Travel Blog

Detroit’s recovery, dubbed “America’s great comeback story,” may be a morbid curiosity to reality TV audiences waiting for failure, but that recovery is real – palpable in the city itself, particularly when you talk to people who have lived in Detroit for decades. Yes, there are still boarded-up buildings downtown, but occupancy rates in renovated apartment buildings are so high there’s a waiting list. Things are happening in Detroit, and there’s no time like the present to go and see for yourself.

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Viator Travel Blog

North America Cities with International Culture | Viator Travel Blog

We’re looking at places in North America that have a Euro-style look that will give you the sense that you’ve landed in Europe when you actually haven’t....

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Viator Travel Blog

Carnival Celebrations Around the World | Viator Travel Blog

Carnival is celebrated all over the world, so there are plenty of places to enjoy Carnival celebrations around the world....

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Viator Travel Blog

Great Gift Ideas for Travelers | Viator Travel Blog

Depending on the interests of the person for whom you’re shopping, you should be able to find a few great gift ideas for travelers on our list....

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Viator Travel Blog

The 10 Most Beautiful Cemeteries in the World | Viator Travel Blog

Visiting beautiful cemeteries when you travel can be an interesting way to learn about a place’s history - and see some of its most stunning landscapes....

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Viator Travel Blog

Top 25 Haunted Places around the World | Viator Travel Blog

There are 25 haunted places around the world featured on this list. How do you pick just one each year in which to spend your Halloween?...

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Viator Travel Blog

Where to Go in May: 20 Great Spots for a Shoulder Season Trip | Viator Travel Blog

Whether you've had enough of the April showers and need a travel respite, or you're trying to hit the tail end of the shoulder season, or you're simply itching to add a new stamp to your passport – May is an excellent month to hit the road. Almost no matter...

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Viator Travel Blog

Best TV and Film Tours Around the World | Viator Travel Blog

Sometimes you’ll find out that a story set in one place is actually filmed in another place entirely (or, worse yet, on a soundstage or studio with a green screen!) - but in some cases, the location is so important that it almost becomes a character in the story. Here...

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Viator Travel Blog

11 Reasons to Visit Cape Town in 2013 | Viator Travel Blog

For those of you who are still working out where you’ll go in 2013, here are plenty of reasons to visit Cape Town, South Africa....

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Viator Travel Blog

Easter Week in Rome, Italy | Viator Travel Blog

There is nothing like attending mass in Saint Peter’s Square. The events leading up to Easter are especially busy in the Vatican....

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Viator Travel Blog

Festivals Taking Place Around the World in November | Viator Travel Blog

Visiting a new place during a festival can be a fun way to learn more about the local culture. Here are festivals taking place around the world in November....

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Viator Travel Blog

Where to Spend Christmas in Italy | Viator Travel Blog

December 25th isn’t the biggest holiday in Italy, but it’s still a great time to go. Here are a few suggestions for where to spend Christmas in Italy....

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Viator Travel Blog

Where to Celebrate the 4th of July | Viator Travel Blog

So, where to celebrate the 4th of July? These 12 places around the U.S. each offer something special for July 4th....