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Jessica Spiegel

I'm a writer & a tourist.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, & editor who specializes in travel (especially Italy), makes logistical details easy to understand & fun to read, & produces clean work in a timely manner.

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Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington

I know what you’re thinking. Tacoma? Why stop in Tacoma when Seattle’s less than 35 miles away, and when Tacoma smells kinda funny from I-5, anyway? I thought these very things (and worse) for about 15 years, until I finally pulled off the highway and found myself in the uber-cute downtown Tacoma, muttering apologies under my breath.

Willamette Jetboat Tours in Portland, Oregon - The Vacation Gals

Perhaps I’m biased because I’ve never lived in a state that didn’t have a border on water, but I think if you’re visiting a place that’s on a waterway it’s a good idea to get on the water if at all possible. River tours of Paris and London and canal tours of Venice and Amsterdam are de rigueur – so why not a river tour of Portland, Oregon?

Poignant Must-See Exhibit in New Orleans - "Living with Hurricanes ...

Inside the Presbytere building to the right of St. Louis Cathedral is the “Living with Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond” exhibit at the Lousiana State Museum – and it’s a sobering must-see when you’re in New Orleans.

How to Volunteer in New Orleans

Driving through a ghost town of boarded-up houses, abandoned supermarkets, and an empty five-story hospital with moldy curtains blowing through broken windows, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t in a war-torn country or touring the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. The neon lights and karaoke bars of Bourbon Street were light years removed from this scenery – no matter that they were only a few minutes’ drive away.